Our History


​DERUIZ was founded in 2018 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that electric bikes are better and more enjoyable than regular ones. The initial entrepreneurial team of DERUIZ is mainly from Germany and uses IT concepts to build electric bikes. DERUIZ believes that people will have a better future as the world moves toward zero tailpipe emissions and shapes D2C (DERUIZ-2C) into a professional brand with more quality than other sellers to create new affordable e-bikes in the market. With the internet gene and the title of electric bike expert, DERUIZ develops each series with great effort. In the next 5 years, the brand developed new models and evolved.


In 2019, DERUIZ developed the brand’s first electric bicycle Amber, which is also the originator. After the DERUIZ was introduced at the German bike show, demand exceeded supply and the Amber quickly sold out – a turning point in our history. The original folding design of DERUIZ was praised by many customers.

2020 – DERUIZ explosive model LAVA sold out shortly after the launch

After continuous development of design and technology, DERUIZ Lava received positive feedback from customers in 2020 after its launch. DERUIZ Lava is a 26″ off-road bike for any terrain. Fast, comfortable, and powerful. DERUIZ Lava is designed to perfectly cope with all conditions.

2021-2022 - DERUIZ developed Marble and Quartz city e-bikes (250W European standard model)

DERUIZ has unveiled a new product line at the German e-bike show, the Marble and Quartz city e-bikes, which will be available in spring 2023. The message of the upcoming 2 models is clear: DERUIZ is committed to developing electric bikes with innovative design, high standards, affordable prices, and many variations in technology to meet customers’ mobility needs.

2022-2023 – R&D Mica (city e-bike), Mica G (Ground), and Lapis (mountain e-bike) will be available for sale in late spring 2023

Spring 2023 will see the launch of several new DERUIZ models, demonstrating the unique charm of “Modern Design” with a unique product lineup.